Groundhog Chokes

February 23,2017


            According to everyone's favorite rodent weatherbeast, yes I made that up, we are slated for 3 more weeks of winter.  Well at 60 degrees here in sunny West Newbury it's tough to believe that is possible.  The winter can be a tough time for those of us who enjoy antique vehicles as snow and salt are not exactly the best thing for vintage vehicles. 

            In addition to doing the normal work things, organizing, restocking, website,  I like to do a few other things to help pass the time when the weather makes it hard for me to get out on the road.


1.  I make sure that my batteries are all charged.  Yes I know it's not exciting but nothing is more disappointing then steeping on the starter on what you hope is your first day out and hearing nothing.  Charge your batteries!


2. I consider other vehicles.  Lately I have been looking at Dodge Ramchargers and Dodge Pickups from the early 80's.  My parents had an 87 Dodge Ramcharger that I crashed shortly after I got my license.  I am not sure if I am trying to right a wrong from my childhood or not but whatever the reason that is where my head is at these days.


3. I look for car shows and events to attend.  I'd say the best part of the hobby is the chance to meet people and enjoy a shared love of a wonderful hobby.  In my experience the people who restore old cars and trucks are some of the most diverse and interesting people that I have ever encountered.  On my shortlist for 2017 are Portland Oregon and the Myrtle Beach area.


4. I wonder if the 8 foot pile of snow that slid off  of my north facing barns doors will melt by the end of April.  I know I should have the kids move it but it's 60, how long can it last?



Keep the faith and thank you for your interest.




Gary Roberts Jr.



P.S. Center Nose Mouldings Item T141, and Headlights Item T166, will be back in stock by the 2nd week of March.

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