Pat Gaffney and his Blackout

Blog Entry

There are a lot of great things about my job.  Perhaps the best has been the people who I get to know over the course of a restoration project.  Pat Gaffney is one of those people.  Pat was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a large Irish Catholic family.  He is a retired Major in the United States Army who served as both as a Medic when he was an enlisted man and later as Physicians Assistant when he became a commissioned officer.  After retiring from the Army he chose to continue to serve his country as a civilian Physicians Assistant, specializing in orthopedics, at a Military hospital in Texas.  Pat and his wife Christine reside in a picture perfect neighborhood in a suburb of San Antonio and are the proud parents of two boys.    

            Pat’s 1945 WC Dodge Truck is special for a number of reasons.  First his truck is what is sometimes referred to as a Blackout version of the model WC pick-up.  Blackouts where the first ½ ton civilian trucks sold by Dodge after the start of the World War II.  These trucks were available on a very limited basis and were sold only to those who could demonstrate a tangible contribution to the war effort.  Blackouts differ from other 1941-1947 Dodge trucks in that they came with a painted grill and hubcaps.  This was done because at the time of production the government continued to restrict access to materials that made chrome plating possible.   Blackouts are rare and if you are like me and get fired up about Dodge Trucks you can’t help but be excited when you see one.

            What really makes Pat’s truck special is that it belonged to his Grandfather.  He beamed as he shared stories about tearing around fields in the truck with his siblings as a kid.  It was tough not to feel his excitement when he talked about the truck and how much it meant to him to have restored it.  This was Pat’s first restoration project and when had the chance to get his grandfathers truck something just clicked and he had to restore it.  Pat’s restoration started around 2010 and while not quite done is 95% complete.  

         This was my first trip to Texas and the first of what I hope become regular visits with customers around the country. I really enjoyed my visit with Pat and his family and I can’t say enough about how gracious and welcoming both Pat and especially Christine were to me during my visit.  Customers like Pat, and over the years my Dad and I have been blessed with many, make this job a real joy.  

Until next time,