Late Fall 2015



            2015 has passed like a dream here in beautiful West Newbury.  I started the year with a renewed spirit to really crack down and do some work on the website.  I have reworked all of the parts descriptions on the site and have added over 100 pictures year to date.  As the year goes on we will continue to add pictures whenever possible.  New old Stock items have been added as was promised when the site was launched.  These parts will be broken down by the original Chrysler group number and are listed by original part number.  You can check the site periodically as we add more items and see some great hard to find items that are not available anywhere else. 


We have received our first shipment of hood ornaments for the 1941-1947 Dodge W-Series trucks, item T-161, which will be listed at $209.50.  This reproduction has exceeded my expectations and is a first class example of a reproduction item.  Also back in stock are:

T113, Dodge Name Plates, 1939-1953, that go on the side of the hood.

T131, inside window riser for trucks, limited supply.

T38A, Stainless Steel Head light rings for 1948-1956 Dodge trucks and 1949- 

1952 Plymouth cars.

            I have always wanted to travel to Germany, probably because of my German heritage and also because of stories my Grandfather told me about his time there during and after the war.  My Grandfather said that Germany was the place that felt the most like home when he was in Europe, after they stopped shooting at him of course.  Well a guy with 3 kids and his own business doesn’t have a lot of time for that type of thing so imagine my surprise when Germany came to me.  On maybe the most magnificent day of the year Armin Hirsch stopped by while he was vacationing in New England.  Armin is restoring a 1953 Dodge Truck and it made my day to get a chance to meet him.


            As the year comes to a close I find myself feeling very thankful for the blessings in my life and for the promise of what is to come in 2016.  Thank you all for your continued business and support and I hope that you have an enjoyable holiday season.

Best Wishes,




Gary Roberts Jr.     

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