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Black Friday


            Starting tonight at 6pm Roberts Motor Parts will in honor of Thanksgiving be offering Black Friday savings to most of our offerings.  This sale will run until 6pm on Monday the 26th of November.  Discounts will be applied to the parts totals and will not effect shipping cost.  As per usual the freight for orders to places outside of the United States will likely need to be adjusted.  The discount can be used against items that are in stock. Sadly there are exclusions and they are as follows:


T166 Headlight assemblies

T141 Center Nose Moulding

T91 RH mirror arm

T239 Gas Tank Grommet

T90 Tail light

T89 Tail light

Wood Bed kits and Bed strips

Exhaust systems

Wiring Harnesses

All tail gates and front bed panels

carpets & other custom pieces

T204A Hub Cap

P162A Hub Cap

P165A Hub Cap


In the interest of cutting down on confusion I have removed the above listed items from the online site for the duration of the sale.  We have done our best to include all out of stock pieces but there may be some that we missed.  If you have any questions I can be reached at (978)-363-5407.


Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!