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Summer Loving

Summer Loving


            I can't say enough about how great the first half of the summer has been for us here at Roberts Motor Parts: From the great cars shows to the amazing vehicles we have seen and for the visits that we have enjoyed with our customers. 

            One of our long time customers Larry Jenkins of West Virginia had his truck on the cover of Vintage Truck Magazine.  Larry's 1940 Plymouth truck jumps off the cover in it's brilliant orange and black paint scheme.   You can see some of our contribution to that effort when you check out the fantastic hub caps that adorn this wonderful reproduction.  P163A are officially licensed reproduction hub caps that fit on 1939 and 1940 Plymouth Cars and Trucks with 10 inch caps.  Larry is an amazing guy and has been a real joy to do business with over the years.  We are very happy for him and hope that he enjoys his truck for years to come. 


Larry Jenkins PT-105

            Earlier this summer I had a chance to enjoy a day in Boston with old friend and customer Pat Gaffney and his family.  Pat, as some of you may recall restored a 1945 Blackout Dodge truck that once belonged to his grandfather in California.  Pat devotes a trip every summer to a historic destination and he felt it was time to go history crazy with his boys in scenic Boston.  After visits to the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill Memorial our  families enjoyed pizza and arancinis in Boston's North End.

Navy Golf Shirt Meeting with Pat Gaffney

            While visiting colleges with my oldest child in beautiful Burlington, Vermont I caught up with Ethan Platt.  My visit inspired him to bring along his 1946 Dodge Truck for me to see.  Ethan is a pretty busy fellow with small children and booming business of his own, #American Meadows, so I was especially grateful that he took the time to see me and catch up.  I think he will be taking his truck to soccer games for a long time.


Ethan Platt 

            I have recently been re-supplied with a number of very popular pieces including but not limited to:

            Vent Window Rubbers for most 39-52 Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto, Plymouth and             Dodge truck vehicles.

            Door Latches for 1940-1947 Dodge Trucks

            Head Light Rings for 1941-1953 Dodge Trucks


            By the end of the Summer I hope to be able to offer:

             P165A ,1946-1950 Dodge Car hub cap

             T-166 Headlight Assembly. 



Final sample P165A Hub Cap 

            If you are on the waiting list for either item you will be contacted as soon as they are back. 


            Wherever the rest of your summer may take you I hope that it includes a few special moments in your car or truck.


Until next time,



Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Fall 2017


As the summer car show season comes to end and our thoughts turn to fuel stabilizer and battery tenders it seems like a good time to get back on the blog train. 


In the next week or so we will be re-supplied with some items that have been out of stock.  They are as follows:


P98 Exhaust deflector fits most

T215 Right hand tail light bracket, fit 1939-1953 Dodge Trucks

P163A Hub Cap, 1939-1940 Plymouth Car and Truck 10"

T71 Cowl Vent Seal, 1954-1968 Dodge Truck


I will also be receiving a limited delivery on T90 Tail Light Right hand, Dodge trucks and T161 Hood Ornament, 1941-1947 Dodge Trucks.  If you are interested in these items you need to act quickly as supplies will not last. 


It's been a tough couple of weeks for folks in Texas, Florida, Oregon and Washington.  As awful as events like these are they give us a chance to appreciate the things that matter in our lives and to be our best selves when we reach out to help our neighbors, and they are all our neighbors.  My thoughts and prayers will remain with those effected and I look forward to them getting back on their feet. 


I hope to squeeze as much old truck time as possible in the next couple of weeks and I hope you get out too!


Until next time,