Car Season is here!!!

Car Season is upon us



First I need to apologize to the ground hog for mocking his ability to predict weather.  After my last blog entry we were blessed with a good old fashion nor-easter, (big snowstorm for those of you not in New England).  My disrespectful and mean spirited remarks directed to the 4 legged weather creature were flat out wrong, consider me humbled and sorry. 


In my part of the world Memorial Day weekend has always been the kick off for the car show season.  The car loving public can often be seen admiring cars at both shows and parades all over the place.  This provides us all with a great chance to get out and see some great cars and meet some great people.  The folks who love and restore antique vehicles are some of the most passionate and generous people you will ever encounter.  Before you head out and take advantage of this great resource I'd like to provide you with a few tips that will help you get the most out the cars and more importantly the great people who own them.


Tip #1.  Don't touch the vehicle.  This may sound small but in fact it could be the most important suggestion I make.  Restoration projects can take years and are often expensive.  The people who devote this type of energy to restore vehicles can take days cleaning and detailing their cars.  Please be respectful of their effort and investment.  If it's ok to touch a car they will tell you.  P.S. Keep your kids off too, just because they are cute doesn't make it ok.


Tip #2  Unless you are a judge and they are being judged don't judge.  This is a pet peeve of mine and I have seen this set people off more times than I can count.  No one likes the guy who tells someone that their engine is wrong or that the color is a GM Blue on a Dodge Truck.  Try to appreciate that honoring the past by restoring vehicles is a great way to celebrate this great country.  I know many folks who love and restore vehicles that are not 100% correct, they seem happy feed off that. 


Tip #3 Ask the owner about the vehicle and why they chose it, or it chose them.  There is nothing that I like better than hearing the stories behind why someone restores a specific vehicle.  You will find your self touched in a way that will make you think about the cars and trucks in your life and they people and events that you experienced in them. 


I hope that these suggestions will help you make the most out of what ever events you choose to attend this weekend and the weekends that follow.  Please try to take a moment to reflect on the reason behind this holiday weekend and the sacrifice that it acknowledges.    


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