About Us

About Us

Roberts Motor Parts Inc.was founded in the late 1970’s by Gary and Mary Roberts and since that time has set the industry standard for product knowledge and service.  As we enter our 4th decade we look forward to serving and working with you as you progress through your project in whatever direction you choose to take it.

Gary Roberts


Gary Roberts was born in Ipswich Massachusetts not far from the spot where his family came to America in the 1620’s.  After a 2-year stint in the US Army he and his wife Mary settled in a small town north of Boston and raised their family.  From that point they both tirelessly worked to fulfill his dream of having his own business that involved his love of antique Chrysler products.  Roberts Motor Parts is the fulfillment of that dream.  Gary retired from day to day work in 2007 and splits his time between New Hampshire and Florida.  He is the father of 2 grown sons and a grandfather of 3 granddaughters and one grandson.

Gary Roberts Jr.


Gary Roberts Jr. was born Alaska while his father was serving in the US Army.  He and his wife Leanne are the proud parents of 3 healthy and happy children.  He has worked at Roberts Motor Parts for over 30 years and purchased the business from his father upon his retirement in 2007.  When he isn’t helping customers enjoy and restore vehicles he can be found coaching youth sports, running, or trying out new recipes on his family and friends.